What brands of cigars do you carry?

Some of our most popular brands include:

    • Cohiba
    • Perdomo
    • Montecristo
    • Arturo Fuente (Hemingway, Short Story)
    • Rocky Patel
    • Punch
    • nub
    • Hoyo de Monterrey (Excalibur)
    • Camacho
    • Baccarat
    • Havana Honey
    • Tatiana
    • Romeo y Julieta
    • Al Capones
    • Oliva
    • Quorum
    • Cuban rounds

How do you store cigars?

Cigars should stay in a humidor until they’re ready to be smoked. When necessary, you can get away with keeping properly humidified cigars in a sealed plastic bag with a small, damp paper towel for a day or so. But, if you want to become a true aficionado, a humidor is an essential piece of equipment.

A humidor is a simple device that keeps cigars at their best by maintaining them in conditions similar to those in which their tobacco grew, fermented and was rolled. We offer several humidor options at our shops.